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Areola Restoration Knightsbridge, Areola Restoration London

Areola restoration is a newly developed technique using the semi-permanent make up range of colours, offering a new confidence boost to women undergoing changes in their breasts.

Like many other parts of the body, the areola can undergo changes due to a number of reasons; colour changes may occur due to breast feeding, ageing, and other natural changes, as well as severe illnesses such as breast cancer and surgical procedures. This can lead to a loss of personal confidence, so we offer areola restoration at our welcoming and comfortable clinic as a solution.

Loss of colour in this area can result in a woman feeling less attractive, so our sympathetic and friendly team will consult with you on the colour and shape that you want, developing an individual plan for your areola restoration to create a look to help restore and boost your self-confidence and happiness. 

When you look for areola restoration in Knightsbridge, you can be assured of a professional, sympathetic and approachable service within the welcoming atmosphere of our Derma Medica clinic. Our team are highly trained in the application of semi permanent makeup, giving you a treatment that you can be comfortable with and a final result that you can be proud of.

As with all our semi-permanent make up techniques, the colour will last for around three to five years; it is designed to fade naturally over time, without any unwanted pigment changes.  

Areola Restoration - Before and After

For more information on areola restoration in London or any of our other services, contact us today. Our team are always happy to discuss options in complete confidence, so you can ask us about available treatments and alternatives or book a consultation at our clinic.