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Laser Hair Removal Knightsbridge, Laser Hair Removal London

From our clinic in Knightsbridge, London, Derma Medica is extremely proud to introduce the very best in laser hair removal technology – the award-winning Candela GentleMAX. Our GentleMAX provides exceptional efficacy, is very fast, comfortable and is safe for all colours of skin. Whether you are Caucasian, Indian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Asian or from any other country, the GentleMAX will treat your skin safely and effectively!

Candela GentleMAX Laser Hair Removal

For state of the art laser hair removal in London, make us your first choice. Our FDA approved GentleMAX utilizes two different colours of laser beam, depending on the colour of your skin. For Caucasians, long-pulsed alexandrite 755 nm laser technology is used - considered by medics to be the gold-standard for laser hair removal in light skin types! Medical studies have shown that long-pulsed alexandrite technology is superior to IPL for optimal hair removal. What makes the 755nm laser beam special is that it targets the brown pigment in the hair very efficiently, whilst penetrating right down to the root of the hair follicle and destroying the dermal papilla and blood supply needed for hair growth. With a large 18 mm spotsize and 2 pulses per second repetition rate, the GentleMAX is able to treat an average woman’s full legs in just 30 minutes, and a man’s back in just 15 minutes!

For many years clients with darker skin colours were unable to experience laser hair removal due to the increased chance that laser treatments could damage their skin. They were forced to complete painful and time consuming methods to help remove their unwanted hair such as shaving, waxing and threading. This is no longer the case! Our Candela GentleMAX uses long-pulsed neodymium YAG 1064nm laser technology - considered by medics to be the gold-standard for laser hair removal in dark skin types! What makes the 1064 nm laser beam so special is it’s ability to penetrate right down to the root of the hair follicle, destroying the dermal papilla and blood supply, yet is able to mostly bypass the melanin in the superficial layer of your skin, which can be problematic in darker skin types using other types of laser or IPL technologies.

Our Candela GentleMAX also employs advanced cryogen-spray skin cooling technology in order to minimise side effects and enhance patient comfort. All body areas can be treated, except eyebrows. Lasers work by targeting hair in the growth (anagen) phase. Therefore, several treatments will be required – the number will depend on the body area and underlying hormonal condition. For all GentleMAX treatments, the darker and thicker the hair, the better the results you are likely to achieve. Client satisfaction with our Candela GentleMAX is very high!

As you would expect from a Knightsbridge clinic, our laser hair removal treatments are tailored to your needs. For all laser treatments at Derma Medica, a medical history will be taken and the area to be treated assessed for suitability by our experienced staff. After consenting to the treatment, a test patch is performed to check safety and efficacy of the laser on your skin type. Only then will a full course of treatments be started.

Whether you are looking for a laser hair removal service in Knightsbridge or London, why not book a consultation at Derma Medica today and see for yourself the benefits of our very latest, technologically advanced GentleMAX laser hair removal system? Experience our pleasant and comfortable atmosphere first hand. Our friendly staff can satisfy all your laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation needs.