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Meet the Team

Derma Medica was established in 2003 in Knightsbridge, London. The clinic offers the latest technology, beauty treatments and services in the beauty industry. Happiness of our clients is our priority. Prior to treatments, people with any concerns and questions are welcome to speak to us about what we can offer them and whether certain products and services are suitable for them. Our staff are highly trained and have worked all around the world.

Debora Bonnetti

Our head therapist is Debora Bonetti. Having studied skin care in California, she has transferred her endless skill set to London. A rare and talented therapist, Debora specialises in  ALL that is beauty. Her main speciality though is caring for you and ensuring you have a wonderful experience at Derma Medica.

Davood Fallahdar

We are delighted to announce that Mr. Davood Fallahdar, a highly-regarded Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon, will now be having regular clinic days at Derma Medica to administer injectables such as Juvederm filler and Botox. Mr. Fallahdar, who has over 15 years experience at top hospitals in Milan, Dubai and London (including The Royal Marsden Cancer Hospital), is well-known for his caring, friendly manner - focussing wholly on his patient’s needs.

Graham Bisset

Within our clinic we are also proud to have Graham Bisset with us. Graham has a PhD and is a member of the British Medical Laser Association. At Derma Medica, Graham acts as clinical adviser and trainer on the laser side. Graham has worked for two of the biggest aesthetic laser companies in the world, Candela and Cynosure, and has recently set up his own consultancy (Bysetics), where he specializes in clinical training, education and support. With over 19 years experience in medical / aesthetic lasers and attendance at over 200 national and international conferences, he has gained extensive experience in the use of advanced dermatology and body contouring lasers.

Arina Adamovica

We are pleased to announce that nail technician and eyelash extension specialist Arina Adamovica has joined the Derma Medica team. Arina is well known amongst the beauty cognoscenti in Knightsbridge, having worked at Harrods and Harvey Nichols before turning freelance. As well as treating her private client base, Arina is resident at Derma Medica twice a week. Please call 020 7225 5050 to make an appointment with Arina.

Dr. Malaisha Alexander

Derma Medica is honoured to host Dr. Malaisha Alexander, the founder of the world famous ORGeV range. Dr. Alexander is a medical doctor, regularly teaches at John Hopkins University and has her own clinic in Paris. Her specialities are anti-aging and nutrition. Dr. Alexander also holds doctorates in Neuropsychiatry and the Biochemistry of Aging.