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“I've been having various treatments from Debora at Derma Medica over the past 10 years all of which have been excellent and are highly recommended. The staff are very well trained and the service offered is excellent. You are made to feel very welcome and you always leave with a very relaxed and satisfying feeling. If you need a bit of pampering and TLC, Derma Medica is the place to go.”

(Lovena Chettiyar, London)

“I have been a client of Debora's for over ten years and hope to be with her for (at least) another ten. Debora takes the time to know her clients as individuals with sometimes unique skincare requirements and to deliver a personally tailored professional service. Derma Medica is a hidden gem!”

(Margaret-Ann Fisken, London)


“My family and I have known Debora for 9 years. Not only is she an exceptional and knowledgeable beautician, but also her professionalism, care and attention to detail are second to none. All these qualities, together with her friendly and welcoming nature, keep me coming back to her. Having tried many other reputable salons, none compares to the services she provides.

Whatever the treatment is, she never just follows the book like so many other therapists, but always customizes it for her client’s particular needs and talks them through it. What is more we always have lots of laughs, and I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone. Thank you Debora for keeping me young and radiant!”

(F. M., London)


“In my opinion, Debora at Derma Medica is one of the best beauty therapists in London, quite possibly the very best - because of the heart-felt care with which she treats every client. Although she is an expert in almost every anti-aging procedure, it is also the fact that her main concern is for the well-being of the person she is treating, which has brought her a loyal family of clients.

I first visited the clinic about 10 years ago and have been coming for facials a few times a year ever since. On each visit she examines the state of my skin and varies the treatments accordingly - sometimes using vitamin mesotherapy, exfoliating masks, microdermabrasion or Radio Frequency. I trust her totally - unlike at most clinics, she never tries to push particular favoured treatments. Because of this deeply-informed personal attention, the service she provides is really a luxury one!

Finally, the anti-aging results for me have been great. People generally think I am 10 or 15 years younger than my actual age - and this is mainly due to Debora's treatments. So my overall experience is that once you start going to Derma Medica, time begins to slow down for your skin!”

(Alex Macleod, London)


“In a quiet corner of Knightsbridge, there is a discreet little beauty treatment salon: Derma Medica. Beautiful ladies who have known it for decades regularly visit Debora there to benefit from up to the minute treatments that are available under her expert care. With her Italian origin it is in her genes to enhance the beautiful looks of women, young and old.

She is a wonderful friend who makes her treatments available even late into the evenings to accommodate clients' busy schedules. Laser, RF, Endermology, Noblesse, Gold facial, eyelash extensions, and all the latest techniques are available there. Whenever I have time I go to catch up with her. It is relaxing and rejuvenating as there is not hint of demanding pressure or competitive glamour of larger establishments. I recommend it wholeheartedly.”

(Haruko Fukuda, London)


“Derma Medica is a lovely place for beauty treatments in Knightsbridge. I have been going there for the last 2 years. I can only describe my experience there as divine! They offer very individual approach to their customers, and it always feels so welcoming there. I have recommended the salon to many of my friends and will be booking other beauty treatments for myself soon! Debora is a really lovely person and I really enjoy doing laser with her. She is always friendly and helpful!”

(Victoria Baileys, London)


“I have been using Derma Medica for the past 4 years and I am very satisfied with the service and the range of treatments offered. Debora is an exceptional therapist and I now use Derma Medica exclusively. The salon is very innovative and provides some of the most advanced cosmetic and beauty treatments using 'state of the art' equipment.”

(Madelaine Delaney, London)


“Derma Medica was first recommended to me by my sister who lived around the corner, and was a local at the salon. The very first treatment I opted for was the facial green peel, the results of which were pretty amazing. The visibly noticeable effects of it lasted for quite some time, and overall I have been pleased with the treatments and aftercare products. Were it not for the fact that I live in the USA (and just visit London a few times a year), I would be frequenting this salon more often just to keep up the maintenance of good, healthy skin with regular facials by them. Not that I can't get good facials in the USA, but the products, technique, results, and amount of time spent on your treatment, makes a very big difference - especially when you can tell the difference!

The aesthetician I've had (Debora) clearly knows her craft, and provides good advice for your skin type. The salon itself is very relaxing and quiet (no "market place" hustle and bustle) which you can find with many larger, chain salons – this aspect is very important to me when having any kind of treatment, as the tranquility just adds to the whole experience. Also, the convenience of the location can't be beaten - a hop and a skip across the way from Knightsbridge tube and Harrods. I would highly recommend this salon to anyone who takes their skin care seriously, and is looking to keep up a healthy regimen.”

(Suzanna Persaud, Washington DC)


“I have been to Debora for over ten years now and her facials are without doubt the best I have tried - she tailors them to suit my skin perfectly. Her experience and understanding is also of an extremely high standard, and I would recommend Derma Medica to anyone. Thank you Debora.

(Camilla Harris, Lobndon)


“I have been a client of Debora’s at Derma Medica for 10 years. Debora is a highly skilled and caring beautician who always puts the client’s needs first. She has a wealth of experience, having worked as a beautician both in Europe and in the USA. Debora often takes further training courses to learn new skills, thereby keeping herself up to date with the latest beauty techniques, products and cosmetic procedures that the clinic offers. I hope that in the future, I will find more time to try out some of the new treatments at Derma Medica.

I can’t recommend Debora highly enough. She is a wonderful beautician and a very kind, thoughtful person.”

(Annabelle Whelan, Putney, London)


"The beauty experts at Derma Medica showed total professionalism and made me feel at ease during my laser hair removal treatment. I always had a fear about the treatment and the pain it can cause, hence I consulted a few specialists before coming to Derma Medica, and that was by far, the best thing that could have happened to me. I received a warm welcome from the team of specialists and especially my medical consultant Debora.

We did the patch test in my first consultation and made sure it was safe to perform the treatment on my skin. I was so impressed with the facilities Derma Medica provided and the great care I received during my treatment; it made me forget all my fears about the pain at once. I would definitely recommend anyone looking to receive a laser hair removal treatment to come to Derma Medica because we all want excellent service for something so important!"

(Anna Klimenko, London)


“I have been going to Derma Medica for years for many treatments. Debora recommended me laser hair removal as I had thick dark hair all over my body. I always moaned about my copious amounts of hair and having to get a wax twice a month. If you think about it you end up paying £1000s over the years on hair removal; waxing, razors, shaving foam etc not to mention the amount of time it takes up! So when I was told there was a way to get rid of all this hair I was over the moon!

At first I was a little apprehensive, but Debora explained the process very clearly. I had 4 treatments and it was a lot less painful than a wax - I cannot bare a bikini wax! Also the incredible feeling knowing the hair is gone makes you forget any slight discomfort you may endure. I had it done everywhere literally! My top lip, mono brow, naval, bikini, legs, arms, underarms, toes etc. It has made me so much more confident; I never have to worry about shaving ever again. Nor do I get those dark shadows from where you shave or ingrown hairs, especially around the bikini. I have never been happier. Money well spent - thoroughly recommend it!”

(Catherine Elizabeth Taylor, Essex)


“I am a frequent client in your clinic. I am actually very satisfied with the beauty treatments I have in your clinic. Your clinic provides an enjoyable beauty experience, with experienced beauty specialist Debora being friendly and very welcoming, making me and I think any customer very satisfied and loving to come back again!”

(Mariam Hamar, Qatar)


“I just wanted to leave a testimonial with regards to your work. I have been with Debora for the past three years. I am very satisfied with the full body laser treatments I have had and I have noticed a great difference. Also the package for full body 13 times was a great price, and Debora's service is just amazing!”

(Amalie Beljafla, Dubai)


“I want to say a very big thank you to Debora as a top professional at delivering different beauty treatments.

 I am so happy to have laser treatments with the best professionals in London!

Highly recommended!!!”

(Tatiana Ivanova, London)


“Just a quick email to say how pleased I am with the treatments you are giving me. My legs are looking much less spongy and much more toned up. You are always on time and lovely to see.”

(Joanna George, London)


“I have been a client of Debora’s for over eight years and have had various treatments at Derma Medica. I would highly recommend a visit to the salon and indulge in one of the many fabulous treatments. I recently had the Environ Ionzyme Vitamin Facial which I can only describe as absolutely amazing! My skin looks and feels brighter - it is such a relaxing facial. Debora is a wonderful therapist – very professional, and has exceptional knowledge in the beauty industry”

(Lina Pritchard-Smith, Berkshire)