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Jowls are areas of sagging skin that may form below the cheek or jawline as we age.

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Jowls are caused the natural downward pull of gravity over time and by the loss of muscle tone, collagen, skin elasticity and facial volume as we get older. Genetics, smoking, weight loss or weight gain may also play their part in jowls forming.

At your consultation we will discuss the different non-invasive treatment options available to you based on your individual condition. These may include dermal fillers to restore volume and boost collagen production in the lower face or PDO Threads to help lift the lower face and tighten the sagging skin that is causing the jowls. Both these treatments are highly effective in reducing the appearance of jowls while also rejuvenating the lower face and the jawline more generally. Botox injections, Venus Versa and Radiofrequency are additional treatment options that may be discussed with you based on your specific condition and objectives.

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