Bingo Wings

Unsightly fatty deposits and loose skin that builds up under the upper arm are known as a bingo wing. Often due to ageing and hormones, they are hard to shift through diet and exercise, but they can be greatly reduced via a number of non-invasive treatment options.

The non-surgical arm re-sculpting treatments we offer here in Knightsbridge include Radiofrequency treatment, Venus Versa, a mechanical massage via LPG Endermologie, and fat-dissolving injections. We’ll talk more about your course of bingo wings treatment, and the sort of results you can expect, when we see you for your consultation.

Bra Fat

Fat that gathers beneath bra straps, or dress straps, around the chest and shoulder area becomes common as we age. It becomes increasingly difficult to lose particular fat stores naturally as we get older.

However, there Is a range of treatments that can effectively reduce bra fat, without the need for surgery. Venus Versa, LPG Endermologie, radiofrequency and Aqualyx will all tone and resculpt the body, but without you having to take into account any downtime.


When subcutaneous fat moves through skin tissues to sit just below the skin surface, causing it to have a lumpy dimpled appearance, this is known as cellulite. There are lots of reasons why it occurs, from genes, to hormones, lack of exercise to poor diet, but one thing we know is that it won’t go away on its own.

There are effective, non-invasive treatment options, which will remove this ‘orange peel skin’ and replace it with smoother, more attractive skin tissue. Depending on where the cellulite you wish to remove is situated on the body, we’ll suggest a treatment that will achieve optimal results for you. Venus Versa and LPG Endermologie are both highly efficient at smoothing the skin, and removing toxins.

Excess Hair

The condition that causes unsightly excessive hair is known as hirsutism. It is commonly caused by a hormone imbalance. Venus Versa laser hair removal technologies will remove unwanted hair quickly, and efficiently. At the same time, this treatment will damage hair follicles, to ensure further regrowth becomes impossible, greatly decreasing the amount of hair growing on your face or body.

If you’d like to remove excess hair and gain smooth hair-free areas of skin, with regrowth that is easier to manage in the future, please book yourself in for a consultation with us.

Hair Loss

Hair loss affects men and women. It can be caused by age, hormones, and emotional difficulties such as stress and anxiety. This condition can have a big impact on the sufferer’s well-being and self-esteem, often because there is a perception that nothing can be done about it.

Here at our practice in Knightsbridge, we have many regular clients who have benefitted from increased hair volume thanks to the clinically-proven hair loss treatment methods we employ. When you book yourself in for a consultation about your thinning hair, we’ll be able to take you through the nutrients we use to stimulate hair re-growth, as well as the techniques we use to administer these nutrients.

Lax Skin

Lax skin is skin that is loose and has begun to sag due to a reduction in collagen and elastin levels. It is often associated with getting older, weight loss, and sun damage. To counteract this condition, we offer treatments that re-stimulate collagen production to lift and firm the skin, as well as replace lost skin volume.

When you attend your patient consultation with us here at DermaMedica we’ll assess the skin area that’s bothering you with a view to deciding whether LPG Endermologie, Venus Versa, or Profhilo is going to achieve the best results for you.


Scars tend to form when the skin gets damaged. Whether you’ve experienced injury or a burn, we offer a number of different treatments to remove your scar and replace it with smooth, fresh, skin tissue.

Scars come in different shapes, colours, and sizes. In order to best assess which treatment will most effectively remove your individual scar, we’d like to invite you to a consultation here at our practice. During that appointment, we’ll introduce you to details about the various skin resurfacing procedures, and steroid injections, you may need to achieve your aesthetic goal.

Stretch Marks

When skin is stretched quickly through weight gain, growing fast during puberty, pregnancy, or even through the use of some steroid creams, stretch marks may appear. They can appear in numerous areas on the body, and are often red, brown, pink, purple, or black initially. They do fade to silver over time, but are still highly visible.

To find out whether LPG Endermologie, Venus Versa, or AQ GFIT is going to be the best treatment option for you, we’d like you to visit us for a skin assessment consultation. This will allow us to make a decision based on the location and severity of the stretch marks that need to be removed.