Acne Scars

When a spot bursts, or is picked, it may damage the skin, leaving a scar. The shape of the resulting acne scar will determine how it is treated to remove it. Oval scars are known as ‘box scars’, deep v-shaped scars are called ‘ice pick’ scars, and the wide skin depressions with smoother edges are referred to as ‘rolling scars’.

We can treat all acne scar types. Our various skin resurfacing treatment methods; microneedling, mesotherapy, and skin peels, will be discussed when we meet you for a skin assessment consultation. Do not let acne scars eat away at your self-confidence. Come and find out more about our acne scar removal treatments.

Age Spots

Skin that is repeatedly exposed to UV light, through sun-bathing, or tanning beds, is the most likely to develop age spots. These brown or black skin areas are flat, and commonly appear on fair skin; on the face, neck, shoulders, and hands. They are the result of a high concentration of melanin.

Although they are usually harmless, age spots are unsightly. Removing them can make you look younger. We offer a number of different treatments to remove age spots including Venus Versa, skin resurfacing, HydraFacials, skin peels, and IPL light therapy. Why not book an appointment to have your skin assessed by Dr Mansoor, and find out how you could look following an age spot removal treatment.

Bump on the nose

Bumps on the nose are common, and can steadily grow in prominence. However, they are easily removed to give you more facial symmetry, and a more attractive look. Whether your bump is genetic, or due to facial trauma or injury, we use dermal fillers to rebalance the nose shape. This will improve its definition, and greatly reduce the visibility of the bump.

Dermal filler nose resculpting is a fast, and effective, non-invasive treatment, with no downtime. Come and see us here at the DermaMedical practice to find out more about how you could look following this alternative rhinoplasty procedure.

Crepey Skin

Thin and wrinkled skin on the face, neck, and body, is the result of the skin losing volume and structure, through over-exposure to UV light. It is common to have some areas of crepey skin as we get older. Weight loss can contribute to the severity of it.

To counteract the skin laxity that has occurred, and provide more skin volume, we may suggest radiofrequency treatment, Venus Versa, Profhilo, PDO thread lifts, mesotherapy, LPG Endermologie, or dermal fillers. Want to find out how refreshed your appearance might be following crepey skin treatment? Book a skin assessment consultation with us.

Crow's Feet

Crows feet become increasingly common as we age. They are the lines towards the sides of our eyes and are a result of reduced levels of collagen and elastin. Although the loss of skin elasticity that causes crow’s feet is a natural result of ageing, it can be exacerbated by alcohol, smoking, and poor hydration.

If your crows feet are bothering you, and you would like to try and take a few years off your appearance by removing them, why not get in touch with our Knightsbridge clinic to find out more about the wide range of non-invasive treatment options we offer? Anti-wrinkle injections, Venus Versa, radiofrequency treatment, and even some medical-grade skincare products can effectively remove crows feet.

Double Chin

When an extra layer of unsightly fat forms below the chin, it is often referred to as a double chin. This unsightly occurrence may be due to poor diet, weight fluctuations, or genetics, but it can be effectively treated in a non-invasive way.

Using treatment options such as Venus Versa, radiofrequency, PDO threads, or aqualyx fat-dissolving injections, we tighten sagging skin around the chin area, giving you a natural-looking, stronger jawline, and a more attractive profile. Find out which treatment might best suit you by booking a patient consultation.

Drooping Eyelids

When the skin around our eyes begins to lose elasticity due to the ageing process, then the stretched eyelid may be unable to return to its original position, giving it a drooping appearance. This can contribute to you looking tired, or sad, all the time, and the effect is very ageing.

The non-invasive Blepharoplasty treatments we offer to restore a drooping eyelid to a more elastic state include dermal fillers and Plasma Pen. You will not need to build any downtime into your life. Within a short time after your treatment, your whole facial appearance should look more rested and refreshed.

Drooping Mouth Corners

Are you worried that you are looking unhappy or angry a lot of the time these days, due to the corners of your mouth having turned down? It can be the natural result of overuse of jaw muscles, and an age-related loss of facial structure, but it is easy to treat.

We use a combination of Botox and dermal fillers to apply facial volume and skin strength to drooping mouth corners and help you achieve a refreshed, happier, more attractive appearance. Give us a call to book yourself in for an initial consultation.

Ear Lobes

Earlobes often lose their shape as we get older. This may be a result of wearing earrings for many years, or due to an age-related loss of skin volume. We can help remodel your earlobe and restore it to its original size.

As long as the earlobe stretch is not too severe, or the earring hole too large, a non-invasive earlobe treatment will be sufficient to restore it. In this case, we use dermal fillers. Dermal fillers will resculpt the earlobe into its former, attractive shape. In severe cases, a minor surgical operation may be recommended. Get an assessment by calling the DermaMedica practice in Knightsbridge.

Enlarged Pores pores

Enlarged pores are pores that have widened over time, due to the production of excessive amounts of oil in the skin. This oil originates from the sebaceous glands, and when it mixes with bacteria, or dead skin cells, it often blocks the pores, creating blackheads, acne, and other unsightly skin issues.

Enlarged pores are often found on the face, neck, hands, and shoulders. We offer a number of treatments to reduce the pore size. These include skin resurfacing treatments, such as microneedling, mesotherapy, skin peels, and HydraFacials, as well as skin tightening procedures such as Venus Versa. A consultation with us will help you decide the best course of action.


Dark circles or bags under the eyes are often the result of a lack of sleep, genetics, and even stress. They also commonly occur naturally when the skin tissue structure weakens over time. As we age, we produce less collagen and elastin. One of the first places we tend to notice the skin ageing process is under the eyes.

We offer a wide range of treatments to restore skin volume under the eyes and give your mid-face a refreshed look. Whether the best treatment for you, is dermal fillers, PDO threads, relevant medical-grade skincare products, or a Plasma Pen, will be determined when you visit us for your consultation. This is when we will be able to make a full medical assessment of the best course of action to remove your eye bags.

Thread Veins

Spider or thread veins are small, red or purple veins that appear prominently on the face, neck, chest, and legs. They often appear as we get older, and make us feel self-conscious.

Veinwave, Venus Versa, and sclerotherapy are all treatment options. They will each safely target the vein and heat it to destroy it, without causing any damage to surrounding tissues. Our removal treatments are all safe and effective, but to decide which is the best treatment option for you, we will need to assess the location and severity of your thread veins.

Facial Redness

Facial redness, or erythema, may appear as flushing, or red blotches, around the cheeks, nose, and chin. The neck and chest can also be affected. It may be caused by a medical condition such as rosacea, by emotional conditions, such as stress and anxiety, or by environmental factors, such as sun damage, or allergy triggers. Genetics also often plays a part.

There are a number of treatments available to reduce facial redness. These include medical grade skincare products, which must be prescribed by a doctor, and non-invasive procedures, such as Venus versa, light therapy, and HydraFacials. To fully understand what is causing your facial redness, as well as the best way to eradicate it, please give our Knightsbridge practice a call to book yourself in for a skin assessment and consultation.

Forehead Lines

Running vertically across the forehead are the wrinkles known as forehead lines. These occur when the skin has lost some of its former elasticity and is unable to snap back into shape quite as easily as it once did. Forehead lines are associated with age, and removing them is a common way to give yourself a more youthful facial appearance.

The most common treatment we use to combat forehead lines is anti-wrinkle injections. This involves injecting Botox into targeted facial muscles, to stop them from contracting. The result should be a smooth forehead and a refreshed look. Alternative treatment options may include skin resurfacing treatments, dermal fillers, Venus versa, and LPG Endermologie. We’ll be able to advise you on the treatment plan that best suits your preferences when you have your patient consultation with us.

Gummy Smile

Overactive facial muscles can cause an excessive amount of upper lip gum to be on display when you smile. This is a condition that affects self-confidence. Many choose to have gummy smile treatment, to give themselves a smile they perceive to be more attractive.

During the treatment, Botox injections will be used to relax the overactive facial muscles. This will reduce movement of the upper lip and result in less gumline being on display when you smile. We will be able to give you more details about correcting gummy smiles when you have your initial consultation with us.


When the skin sags at the jawline as we get older, this is known as jowls. Years of gravity are taking its toll on skin that has lost some of its elasticity over the years. Smoking, weight fluctuations, and your genes may also contribute to the formation of jowls.

Skin tightening treatment will lift the lower face and firm up the lax skin. Depending on the shape and severity of your jowls, we may suggest a PDO thread lift, dermal fillers, or Botox correct the problem. Radiofrequency and Venus Versa are also treatment possibilities. Visit us for an assessment, so we can discuss all the options with you.

Misshapen Nose

What is it that is bothering you about the shape of your nose? Perhaps it’s too sharp and angular? Maybe there is an unsightly bump on it, or you do not like the tip. Non-invasive rhinoplasty treatment, sometimes known as the 15-minute nose job’, can give you your self-confidence back.

The treatment involves resculpting the nose using a combination of dermal fillers and Botox. The result will be a remodelled nose, that will look reliably the same as the plan drawn up during the consultation.

Oily Skin

Overactive sebaceous glands can result in oily skin, leading to unsightly clogged, and enlarged pores. Acne and spots can further result from this. Although we probably can not help you confront possible triggers; such as stress, genes, or hormones, we can provide practical treatment solutions.

For us to decide whether your best course of treatment is medical grade skincare, microneedling, a chemical peel, a facial with a skin resurfacing element, or Venus Versa, please book a consultation with us. We can help you achieve a more attractive top facial skin layer.


Pigmentation problems are usually caused by an excessive amount of melanin, which gives you an imbalance in skin tone. It often occurs as a result of exposure to UV light, hormones, or stress, and may manifest itself as brown spots, or dark, uneven skin.

Left alone, pigmentation often becomes more prominent with age. Skin resurfacing treatments, such as skin peels, HydraFacials, and Dermalux, along with medical-grade skincare products, can restore a balanced colour to your skin tone. Book yourself in for a consultation with us in Knightsbridge and find out the best options for you.

Sagging Neck

The vulnerable skin on our necks gets thinner as we age, therefore it is more susceptible to lines and wrinkles. A common symptom of an ageing neck is sagging skin. It is unsightly and makes us look older.

Several highly effective skin tightening treatments can restore structure to your neck. During your treatment consultation, we will be able to discuss whether you are going to achieve better results from a PDO thread lift, Profhilo, Botox, LPG Endermologie, Venus Versa, or the Nefertiti, which is also known as the ‘no knife’ neck lift.


Scars tend to form when the skin gets damaged. Whether you’ve experienced injury or a burn, we offer several different treatments to remove your scar and replace it with smooth, fresh, skin tissue.

Scars come in different shapes, colours, and sizes. To best assess which treatment will most effectively remove your scar, we would like to invite you to a consultation here at our practice. During that appointment, we’ll introduce you to details about the various skin resurfacing procedures, and steroid injections, you may need to achieve your aesthetic goal.

Sun Damage

Excessive exposure to UV light from the Sun can prematurely age our skin. The visible damage we cause by sunbathing can take the form of sunspots, pigmentation, crepey skin, and dark patches.

Removing sun damage should give you a rejuvenated look. The treatments we offer to correct crepey skin, and pigmentation, and remove lines and wrinkles, include HydraFacials, Venus Versa, light therapy, and the prescription of medical-grade skincare products. Book yourself in for a consultation to find out how quickly and effectively you could remove your sun damage.

Sunken Cheeks

When our facial structure begins to change with age, sunken cheeks are often a result. They may Give you a gaunt appearance, or even make you look tired and unwell. We can offer treatments that restore higher levels of collagen and elastin to the skin, such as Sculptra and skin resurfacing solutions, in a bid to restore lost skin volume by triggering natural processes in the body. Or, we can offer more immediate effects in the form of fillers, or PDO threads. Come and have your skin assessed by Dr Ahmed to discover the most appropriate treatment for you.

Teeth Grinding

Symptoms of teeth grinding include worn down teeth enamel, sensitive teeth, tight jaw muscles, sleep disruption, and headaches. Otherwise known as bruxism, this disorder may be caused by stress anxiety, or a medical condition.

To prevent further damage to the teeth, we can provide a Botox treatment that will relax the jaw muscles. Once the muscles are relaxed, teeth grinding will be prevented, and you should enjoy a greater quality of sleep. To find out more, please get in touch.

Thin Lips

Whether it is due to your genes, or the ageing process, thin lips can affect your self-confidence. We can restore lost lip volume, and reshape lips that have always been thin. We can also even up lip proportions.

We use lip fillers to add volume and shape to thin lips. The fillers will be injected into and around the lip area. Additional lip hydration treatment may refresh your lips further. For reliable results, and lips that will give your self-esteem a boost, please get in touch with our clinic to book an initial consultation.

Vertical Lip Lines

Vertical lip lines run from the nose to the top lip, as well as downwards, away from the bottom lip. They are a very common sign of ageing and the result of a reduction in collagen and elastin levels. Smoking may exacerbate the prominence of vertical lip lines.

To smooth over lip lines we recommend dermal fillers, mesotherapy, anti-wrinkle injections, or Plasma Pen treatment. To get a better understanding of all the treatment options available to you, please ring our practice in Knightsbridge to arrange a consultation.

Weak Chin

An underdeveloped jawbone, or jawbone which is set back, can cause a recessive chin. When chins recede in this way, the condition can become more prominent in later years. It may draw unwanted attention and make you feel self-conscious.

Non-invasive chin augmentation treatments are achieved by applying dermal fillers to key areas. During your treatment consultation, we will examine the structure of your lower face, jawline, and chin, with a view to assessing how the chin can best be augmented to give you a more attractive profile.

Wide Jaw

When not a result of genetics, enlarged jaws or square jaws, can be the result of tension caused by teeth clenching, teeth grinding, or constant chewing. A wide jaw gives the face a more masculine look.

Botox is the treatment for this condition. It is administered into the masseter muscle to relax it. This softens the jaw and reduces the size of the muscle. Although this offers temporary results, with regular maintenance treatments, you will be able to retain your new look.

Wrinkles and Lines

Wrinkles and fine lines on the face or body are very often the first signs of ageing to become visible. They occur due to an increasing lack of skin elasticity, but they can be smoothed away via several different treatments.

Factors that determine which anti-wrinkle treatment will be best in your case include the location of the line, the severity of the line, and how long-term you would like the results to be. When you visit us for your consultation, we will talk you through the benefits and differences of Botox, filler injections, skin resurfacing treatments, Profhilo, and the medical-grade skincare products we prescribe from our practice here in Knightsbridge.