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Non-surgical nose job is a versatile treatment designed to help you smooth out irregularities on the nose. Dermal fillers are used to reshape, recontour, and redefine the nose shape. Crooked noses can be straightened, the nose size can be reduced, or enlarged, plus the tip of the nose can be dropped or lifted. Lumps and bumps can be smoothed out, and creases and lines on the nose can be removed.

Unlike a surgical nose job, there’s no extensive recovery time and no scarring. This non-invasive alternative rhinoplasty treatment costs a lot less too. Whatever the issue is that’s making you unhappy about how your nose looks, Dr Ahmed can help. The team here at DermaMedica can help you achieve a natural-looking nose remodelling that should make you feel happier about your appearance.

The treatment will take just 30 minutes. The results, which will be visible immediately following treatment, will remain in place for 9-12 months afterwards. Your new nose look can be retained indefinitely with regular top-up appointments.

Our Expert Team

Dr Mansoor Ahmed has been performing non-surgical nose jobs with great success for many years. A leading aesthetic UK doctor, Dr Ahmed brings the experience needed to provide safe and successful results first time.

Aesthetic Clinic Knightsbridge | Cosmetic Clinic | DermaMedica
Aesthetic Clinic Knightsbridge | Cosmetic Clinic | DermaMedica

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Non Surgical Nose Job FAQ's

  • This corrective, non-surgical, rhinoplasty treatment is available to anyone who is unhappy with the shape of their nose, or nose tip. If you’d like to find out more about it, please do book a patient consultation.

  • Dermal fillers will be injected into and around the nose to resculpt it into the shape you will have discussed with Dr Ahmed during your initial patient consultation. These fillers contain hyaluronic acid gels, which soak up water under the skin like a sponge. When the pressure from the fillers pushes the surface of the skin outwards, from underneath, the skin will have more volume. The volume will be applied to key areas to help you achieve your planned new nose look.

  • Non-surgical nose reshaping isn’t a painful treatment. You may experience a minimal amount of discomfort when the fillers are injected, but we can provide an aesthetic cream to ensure it doesn’t hurt.

  • Aside from possible mild bruising, there are no real side effects associated with this treatment. We would not expect you to need any downtime.

Non Surgical Nose Job in Knightsbridge

Aesthetic Clinic Knightsbridge | Cosmetic Clinic | DermaMedica

“The beauty experts at DermaMedica showed total professionalism and made me feel at ease.”

Concerns treated with Non Surgical Nose Job

Concerns treated with the treatment

  • Corrects nose imbalances
  • Lifts and re-shapes the nose tip
  • Improves profile appearance
  • Improves facial symmetry
Aesthetic Clinic Knightsbridge | Cosmetic Clinic | DermaMedica

Non Surgical Nose Job

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Aesthetic Clinic Knightsbridge | Cosmetic Clinic | DermaMedica

Combination treatments

  • Chin augmentation
  • Cheek enhancements
  • Skin tone and texture treatments
  • Skin resurfacing


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