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Skin peels are an aesthetic resurfacing treatment that will replace your tired, dull-looking facial skin with a glowing and rejuvenated complexion. The peel solution we’ll use on your skin will be tailored to deliver optimal results for you. There are a number of different ingredients we use, in varying quantities, to combat specific blemishes, and signs of ageing, or simply give your skin a youthful boost.

Skin peels are designed to gently exfoliate the top layer of your skin, with a view to encouraging the growth of fresh skin cells. The depth of the skin peel will depend on the skin issue you wish to resolve. Light, mild skin peels will give your skin a glowing boost, helping you to look less tired, and more youthful. Deeper, stronger skin peels can combat medium to severe medical conditions.

The results of deep skin peels can last for up to 2 years, while the results of light peels may last for a few weeks. As skin peel preparation is based on achieving optimal results for the individual, we’ll be able to give you a lot more details about the best peel for you when you have your consultation with us, here in Knightsbridge.

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Led by Dr Mansoor Ahmed, one of the UK’s top aesthetic doctors, the DermaMedica clinic in Knightsbridge offers a full range of advanced cosmetic treatments to improve the appearance of your skin, face, and body.

Aesthetic Clinic Knightsbridge | Cosmetic Clinic | DermaMedica
Aesthetic Clinic Knightsbridge | Cosmetic Clinic | DermaMedica

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Skin Peels FAQ's

  • We’ll be able to advise you on which skin peel will help you achieve your aesthetic goal when you have your patient consultation.

  • Once the peel solution has been painted onto the target area of your skin, it will be left for several minutes. Cleansing aftercare products will then be applied to soothe and refresh the skin. The peeling process will take place a few days afterwards, and continue for a few more days. Following the peeling process, you’ll have smooth, firm, new skin in the target area, without the unsightly blemish, wrinkle, or scar you were looking to remove.

  • You may experience mild itchiness, tingling, or a heating of the skin soon after the skin peel. These sensations are temporary and will soon subside. The process should not be painful.

  • The skin area we have targeted will begin to peel a few days, or even hours, following the treatment. This is how the treatment works. Old skin cells are exfoliated to make way for the new ones. Once the peeling part of the process has taken place, your skin should look fresh and radiant.

Skin Peels

Aesthetic Clinic Knightsbridge | Cosmetic Clinic | DermaMedica

“I have been going there for the last 2 years. I can only describe my experience there as divine!”

Concerns treated with Skin Peels

Concerns treated with the treatment

  • Refreshing and rejuvenating facial skin
  • Smoothing out fine lines
  • Reducing sun damage and age spots
  • Balancing pigmentation
  • Addressing acne and enlarged pores
Aesthetic Clinic Knightsbridge | Cosmetic Clinic | DermaMedica

Skin Peels

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Aesthetic Clinic Knightsbridge | Cosmetic Clinic | DermaMedica

Combination treatments

  • Wrinkle removal
  • Reduced sun damage
  • Smoother, firmer skin texture
  • A more balanced skin tone


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