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Pigmentation is a very common and usually harmless condition caused by exposure to UV light and resulting in the body producing an excess amount of melanin.

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Pigmentation that shows as brown spots or as small areas of darker or uneven skin will usually start to appear in our 30’s, most commonly on the face, hands and neck – areas that have been regularly exposed to sunlight. Other causes of pigmentation may be hormonal changes, trauma, stress or pregnancy.

Pigmentation will often become more pronounced with age and therefore many patients come to us for treatment advice. Recommendations will be made according to the precise type and severity of your pigmentation and condition. Skin peels, Hydrafacial, AQ GFIT, microdermabrasion, Venus Versa, skin resurfacing, medical grade skincare and Dermalux are just some of the many treatment options that we may discuss with you.

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