Spider/Leg Veins

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Thread veins, sometimes also referred to as spider veins, are small veins that often appear on the legs, face, neck and décolletage.

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Spider/Leg Veins

About this condition

They are usually red or purple in colour and can appear at any age. If prominent, they can affect the sufferer’s self esteem and therefore treatment advice is often sought.
Thread veins can also appear on the legs, when blood pools in the vein and causes a thread vein to form. They often appear in clusters forming branch or web-like patterns, hence the term ‘spider veins’. We offer a range of both laser and injectable treatments to treat this condition Including Sclerotherapy, Veinwave and Venus Versa, a laser treatment that precisely and safely targets the vein or veins, without affecting the surrounding tissue, delivering heat inside the vein itself to destroy it. All treatments are very safe and highly effective. The most suitable of these will be discussed with you at your consultation, based on the location of veins and the severity of your condition.

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