Vertical Lip Lines

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Vertical lip lines either run upwards towards the nose from the top lip, or downwards from the bottom lip.

Derma Medica

Vertical Lip Lines

About this condition

The appearance of vertical lip lines is often simply a natural part of the ageing process, caused by repeated everyday expressions such as talking and the loss of elastin and collagen resulting in the lines forming. Smoking may also be a cause of vertical lips lines, with this condition also referred to as ‘smokers lines’. Genetics may also play its part in vertical lip lines forming.

Treatment options for this condition include dermal fillers to restore volume and smooth out the lines that have formed. Mesotherapy, Botox injections and Plasma Pen may also be discussed and recommended to smooth out or eradicate unwanted lip lines. All treatment options will be talked through with you prior to any treatment taking place.

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