Weak/Recessive Chin

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A weak or receding chin occurs when the lower jawbone is underdeveloped or when the lower jaw is set back from the upper jaw.

Derma Medica

Weak/Recessive Chin

About this condition

This condition can be genetic and can also become more pronounced with age. Because the chin is the focal point of the lower face, a weak chin can affect the overall appearance of the jawline and as we age, the skin on the chin and surrounding area can become lax and/or dimply, which may accentuate a weak chin or jawlines appearance. With so much media attention today on strong and defined jawlines for both men and women, many patients come to us for expert treatment advice.

At your treatment consultation we will carefully examine your chin, jawline and facial structure and then discuss with you the best treatment options to achieve your desired results. These will usually include non-surgical chin augmentation using dermal fillers to add volume and proportion to the chin area and improve overall definition of the jawline. A range of other treatment options are available.

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