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If you’re considering dermal fillers, you’ve come to the right place. At our Knightsbridge clinic, we help our clients look and feel fantastic while fighting signs of ageing. Let’s take a closer look at our dermal fillers treatment, answering some common questions along the way. Here are 8 FAQS we get asked about dermal fillers.

1. Why have dermal fillers?

This is a great starting place – why have this treatment? Well, it’s a fantastic way to combat deep lines and wrinkles, as well as loss of volume in the skin. Our clients love how smooth and contoured their face appears after treatment.

2. Does treatment hurt?

Dermal fillers are an injectable treatment, so fine needles are used to administer the active ingredients. That means it can be a little tender to undergo the procedure, however we can use numbing agents to reduce sensation.

3. What’s in dermal fillers?

The treatment uses moisture-rich hyaluronic acid, which helps to bind water molecules and smooth out skin. That’s why it’s so powerful at treating lines and wrinkles, as well as sagging. Our clients see a real lifted result when used for areas of skin laxity, whether it’s the cheeks or jaw.

4. What if I’m allergic to dermal fillers?

We can test for this ahead of treatment, however rest assured that most people are suitable for treatment because hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occuring substance produced in our own bodies.

5. What downtime can I expect?

You won’t need any time off work after treatment, however there are some potential side-effects to be aware of. These include swelling; redness; bruising; and tenderness. In most cases, side-effects pass quickly and can be managed through over-the-counter pain relief (check with your GP first), resting and staying elevated, and ice packs.

6. Are dermal fillers expensive?

This is a difficult question to answer – everyone has their own figure in mind! What we do offer is competitive pricing that reflects the skill, expertise and training of our team here in Knightsbridge. We will always be honest in our prices and never recommend a treatment we don’t think would benefit your skin.

7. How long do dermal fillers last?

Time limits vary, but generally, up to 12-18 months. You can then have top-ups to prolong the effects further.

8. How do I book a dermal filler consultation?

To book with our Knightsbridge aesthetics clinic, just get in touch with our team. We’ll arrange a time and date that fits into your calendar, and carry out a detailed skin assessment during your consultation for your peace of mind. We’ll also help you to feel more comfortable and at-home in our clinic – ready for the big day. We look forward to seeing you here in Knightsbridge soon.