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With any kind of aesthetic treatment, it is important to do your research before booking at a clinic like ours, based in Marlow. Through finding out about your treatment, you’ll feel:

  • Confident that it’s right for you
  • Ready to commit to the procedure and aftercare
  • Informed about any positives and negatives

Today, our Marlow experts discuss whether dermal fillers are safe; why you might consider them; areas for treatment; and aftercare to prolong your results.

Are dermal fillers safe?

Yes, dermal fillers have been approved for use as an aesthetic treatment. The health risk is extremely low, as they contain a substance that’s found naturally in the body (hyaluronic acid). Treatment also involves fine needles which reduce the chances and severity of side effects, such as bruising, swelling or tenderness. All in all, dermal fillers are a common way to anti-age your skin and tackle a range of concerns

Why have dermal fillers?

Even with the best diet, lifestyle and skincare regime, we naturally age over time. Some things can speed up this process – like being in the sun or smoking – and genetics can also play a role. But, whatever your background, skin does tend to develop wrinkles and lose volume over the years. And dermal fillers can help to correct this.

Where can I have dermal fillers?

Here in Marlow – but if you mean where on the body, they are especially effective at targeting areas of sagging in the face (jowls, cheeks and earlobes) as well as deep lines and wrinkles (nose, mouth and chin). Dermal fillers can also be used to sculpt and refine your facial features, whether it’s shaping your cheekbones or evening your nose.

What dermal filler aftercare will I need to follow?

This wrinkle treatment is long-lasting – often up to 18 months – and you may also see an immediate improvement after treatment. To care for your skin, we’ll give you detailed aftercare advice, but some general tips would be to avoid strong sunlight; only take gentle exercise; avoid make-up and alcohol in the first day or two; and avoid touching the treated area, which could affect your results.

Why have dermal fillers at DermaMedica?

Our experts are highly trained in delivering this treatment and will work with you to create the best possible results. We can devise a personalised treatment plan at our aesthetics clinic, based on the procedures you’d like to have and your budget. We’ll be there at every step to ensure you’re happy with your dermal fillers.

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