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In and around Knightsbridge, we often see clients looking to treat unwanted hair. Sometimes it’s a cause of embarrassment or a knock to their self-esteem; other times it’s a hassle to keep on top of, or they simply want smoother hair-free skin. Whatever the case, our experts are here to help – and today, we’re explaining how laser hair removal works, as well as some general information about the treatment. To see how it all works, read on.

How laser hair removal works

Laser hair removal is a revolutionary treatment and a fantastic alternative to the salon and at-home treatments that are costly or time-consuming. Instead of just removing the hair, it actively targets individual hairs with an intense beam of light. The pigmentation in the hairs absorbs the laser beam and converts it into heat energy, which in turn destroys the follicle. A course of 6-10 sessions is typically recommended to ensure as much of the hair has been targeted as possible, and that hair removal is long-lasting.

How long does the treatment take

Our clients have busy schedules, and we do our best to carry out our treatments quickly and effectively. The minimum treatment time for laser hair removal is around 15 minutes, though larger treatment areas and thicker hair could take up to 45 minutes. As mentioned, a course of treatment is your best option for long-lasting or permanent removal.

Why do people have laser hair removal?

When it comes to our appearance, we want to look – and feel – as good as possible. Self-confidence feels empowering and infectious, and studies show it can even make us more successful and appear more attractive. Many of us also live a fast-paced life where we want to make the best use of our time, which includes getting ready in the morning or prepping for the beach, a holiday or a special event. Treatment can also be carried out almost anywhere on the body – including sensitive and intimate areas.


We’re honest about our treatments and would never recommend something we didn’t feel was appropriate, effective or suitable for our clients. Whatever treatment you choose, there will always be drawbacks and cons, and laser hair removal is the same. For example, many people are put off by having repeated sessions, but in our opinion, it’s a worthy investment, as results are long-lasting and could be permanent.

Laser hair removal and pain

Whatever cosmetic or aesthetic treatment you’re considering, pain is always going to factor into your decision, and you’ll want to be as prepared as possible for what the procedure entails. The good news is that laser hair removal isn’t generally considered painful. Prickling or tingling is all that’s usually reported during a session.

Booking laser hair removal treatment

Our team of experts is here to help clients in and around Knightsbridge with targeted laser hair removal treatment. To book a consultation, talk to our friendly team today.