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Laser hair removal is a cosmetic treatment that’s been around for years, helping both men and women get rid of unwanted hair. Through our exceptional treatment, offered at our Knightsbridge skin clinic, you can expect smooth, hair-free skin with long-lasting results. Read on to find out more about laser hair removal and just how effective this groundbreaking treatment is.


So, what’s laser hair removal all about?

It’s a highly effective way to remove excess or unwanted body hair. It involves using a precise laser to heat and damage hair follicles, which prevents regrowth. While it might sound painful, most people don’t report any discomfort beyond mild tingling or prickling.


What’s the science behind the treatment?

By targeting the follicle itself, the ability to regrow skin is stopped. But for the treatment to work, the hair growing in that follicle must be targeted by the laser. That is because the pigment in the hair absorbs the energy of the laser and converts it to heat, which ultimately destroys the follicle.

how laser hair removal works - Dermamedica -Knightsbridge

How many treatments are needed?

A course of treatments is needed to be fully effective. That is because the hairs must be targeted for the laser to work, and we all know that hair grows and falls out – so it must be treated at the right time of the growth cycle. Sessions last up to 45 minutes, and 6-10 treatments may be needed for full effects.


Who is suitable for laser hair removal?

Men and women are both suitable, however, we do not carry out the treatment on pregnant or breastfeeding women. We also ask that your skin be sun-free for 14 days before treatment.

What about downtime and side effects?

Highly effective and safe, our laser hair removal treatment does not come with any downtime, risks or side effects.


Where can I have laser hair removal carried out?

The treatment can be carried out almost anywhere on the body, including:

  • Areas of the face
  • The arms and legs
  • The bottom and thighs
  • The chest and back
  • The intimate area

How do I book my laser hair removal treatment?

We ask that you book a consultation at our skin clinic in Knightsbridge. Simply get in touch and we will arrange a time and date to suit you. During your consultation, we will talk about the treatment in more detail, discuss any relevant aftercare and ensure you are happy and comfortable before we go ahead. To find out more about our treatment, take a look at our laser hair removal webpage.