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Derma Medica

Our ethos is based on the expertise and extensive experienceof our medical team, led by Dr Mansoor Ahmed who has over25 years in aesthetics, as a Harley Street practitioner and asa registered GP.

Derma Medica

Our Ethos

It is our belief that everyone can be naturally beautiful as they age and look as young as they feel, and that this physical rejuvenation also brings a host of personal and mental well-being benefits to each individual, improving self-esteem, confidence and each patient’s general psychological condition.

DermaMedica Ethos

Where art, expertise and science meet

Our approach to anti-ageing and to ensuring long-lasting, natural looking results for all our patients, is built on a combination of deep scientific knowledge, unparalleled medical and artistic expertise and the use of cutting-edge technologies and products. We understand the skin, its chemical make-up and balance and how it works and reacts in the minutest of detail. Equally, we understand how the different causes of ageing, including exposure to the sun, genetics, weight-loss and lifestyle choices can affect different individuals according to their individual facial structures and biological makeup.

Our true skill lies in the detailed analysis of each patient’s skin, knowing the treatments and treatment combinations that will best match their objectives and then having the artistic ability to treat, shape, contour and sculpt to precisely meet patient desires. This is a journey that our patients thrive on, delighted when they understand the process and see the results that we achieve.

Technological advances mean that today’s treatment results are quicker and more impactful than ever before and we are constantly introducing new treatments and treatment combinations, as well as looking at new techniques and technologies, to push the boundaries of our work and deliver even better results for patients.

Equally important to us is ensuring the highest standards of safety and personalised care are always provided, and this is at the forefront of all of our clinic team’s agendas.

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Where art, expertise and science meet

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